Mandatory Equipment For Players:

  • CSA approved hockey helmet with full facial protection
  • CSA approved hockey gloves
  • Athletic support (jock or jill)
  • Soccer style shin guards
  • Running shoes
  • Wooden or composite hockey stick

Optional Equipment For Players:

  • mouth guard
  • Soft elbow pads
  • Soft knee pads

Mandatory Equipment For Goaltenders:

  • CSA approved goalie mask or hockey helmet with full facial protection
  • CSA approved goalie pads
  • CSA approved arm and chest protector
  • CSA approved blocker and catcher
  • Hockey pants
  • Running shoes
  • Wooden or composite goalie stick

Prohibited Equipment:

  • Shoulder pads 
  • Hockey style hard elbow pads
  • Hockey style hard shin guards 
  • Non ice hockey style hockey gloves 
  • Street hockey goalie masks 
  • Push-on plastic blades 


  • The league supplies jersey's only
  • The league supplies goalie equipment should a player not have their own
  • Players must supply their own shorts/pants
  • Shin guards must be covered with socks
  • If elbow pads are worn they must be covered by the jersey